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Conception, planning, implementation and follow- up of marketing, branding, market development, advertising, customer journey, event strategies, symposia and conferences.


“There’s no such thing
as can’t do”

Samuel Läderach, founder and owner of Läderach & Partner, your Marketing Expert for financial intermediaries


We support you when it comes to:

  • Developing new customer groups

  • Supporting you in your sales strategies

  • Strengthening customer relationships

  • Highlighting special services

  • Expanding market share

  • Generating more leads

  • Providing extra help for your in-house marketing team




Maybe you’re looking for a specialized skill or need some extra marketing support. That’s the advantage of working with Läderach & Partner. Each member has their own individual expertise and skills. In addition to classic USPs, we are increasingly focusing on emotional unique selling propositions (ESPs). These are messages that get through to customers because they appeal to their emotions. In the digital age, personal contact is the greatest strength.

“To reach your target audience, you need to get to the point very quickly.”

We live in a world of sensory overload, and it is becoming more and more difficult to reach the desired target group, which has little time anymore. Only very emotional, fast and relevant messages have any chance of getting through to the customer.

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Anker 2
Hanspeter Hunziker
Samuel Läderach
Anker 3
Anker 4

Marco Pfister

CEO and Partner Adisfaction-Annex AG, 
Specialist for Digital Finance Marketing, Tracking and Analytics


Läderach & Partner Network

Samuel Läderach

Founder and owner of Läderach & Partner, Finance marketing specialist

Thomas Hohl

Thomas Hohl

Founder and owner of Unique Impressions, Trade fair, stand construction and 3D conception specialist

Hugo Rudolf

Hugo Rudolf

Owner of M&E Marketing, Event specialist

Björn Zern

Hanspeter Hunziker 

Founder of, Specialist in expos and symposia

Daniel Meier

Daniel Meier

Founder and co-owner of Unikat Communications Agency, Communication specialist

Björn Zern

Founder and CEO

Zern & Partner,

Media and PR specialist

Läderach & Partner GmbH


Altes Schmiedhaus

Dorfplatz 4

CH-6345 Neuheim

Anker 5
Christoph A. Scherbaum

Christoph A. Scherbaum 

CEO of CASMOS Media and publisher of marktEINBLICKE, 
Finance journalism specialist


“Ready to compete in a highly regulated and rapidly changing industry?”


Marcel Eggmann

Founder and Managing Director
Merkmal GmbH,

Specialist for print and advertising media

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